A.J Fergs (dodia) wrote,
A.J Fergs

the kate and andrea show

SETTING: ( Kate and Andrea are in the local "hip" coffee shop. They are looking over their studies, while a group of fancy dressed folks are giving each other massages in the background.)

KATE: (Kate looks frantic as she pilfers through her text book) Fuck.

ANDREA: I can't believe I actually have do do this stupid performance art thing.

KATE: Fuck, I have a test tomorrow morning over the middle ages!!

ANDREA: This is so retarded, but it's 30% of my grade. If my group wasn't such a big pack of butt heads maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

KATE:I haven't been to class in 2 weeks, i'm fucked. This is the worst night of my life.

ANDREA: You'll be ok Kate, you'll just have to study all night. I'll help you, In the middle ages, people ate meat off of bones. At least you don't have to make a stupid postmodern performance art piece with a pack of chodes.

cue theme song. Kate looks up at Andrea in way reminiscent of how Christian Castro looks at senoritas in the video for his number one hit single "Azul".

ANDREA: What is it Kate?

KATE: Call me Kurdt Kobain cause I'm brilliant! I know what we can do tonight that will be fun and solve all our problems at the same time!!

ANDREA: (bewildered) Go to the bar?
(cue laugh track)

KATE: No Fergburg, we can make a postmodern performance art piece all about the middle ages!!!!

Fade to black
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